Meet Jeri

Jeri is the newest member of the Resolute Team and is the head of our Financial Services and Insurance Group

Meet Jeri Salazar. She’s the newest team member to join Resolute Recruiting. She brings a powerhouse of knowledge and information. This makes her the perfect person to take charge of Resolute’s brand-new Financial services and Insurance team.

Jeri self-describes herself as “relentless”. She has over 35 years of experience in her industry. Jeri is an accomplished finance and sales management professional. She has served both the private and public sector.

In her words, Jeri “has the experience and ability to align incredibly talented people that not only have the necessary skills a client is looking for, but also have the core values that align with the companies that are searching for them.”

“I’m responsible for bringing all the right people to the table.”

Jeri is recognized for her ability to deliver impactful results in a highly competitive environment and she is known for taking care of both her clients and candidates. She’s dedicated to finding the right fit, not just the easy fit.

Jeri offers Resolute a wide range of skills and knowledge. Her comfort with legalese stems from her expertise in regulatory compliance, both State and Federal. She is well-versed in negotiations, financial interviews & analysis, problem resolution, strategy & execution. (To name a few.)

Where was Jeri before Resolute?

Before joining Resolute, Jeri served as the engineer and developer of the Helm Lending Group Community Development Entity. During her time at Help, she made use of tax credit programs to benefit low-income communities.

At Helm, Jeri also worked to develop relationships with professionals in the banking, insurance and construction field. She specialized in SBA, conventional and bond loans. She is no stranger to public speaking, having led multiple series of seminars that included experts on refinancing, lending, bonds, and construction & design. Jeri Studied economics at the Regis University, Denver CO. She recently adopted a sheltie puppy named Baxter. “Actually, it’s my grandson’s, but that pretty much means he’s mine.”

Get in Touch

Jeri smiles with her daughter, Brooke.

To work with Jeri, contact us using our online contact form, or contact Jeri at 720 600 2284. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.