Meet Shelby

Meet Shelby!

Shelby is the Manager for our Seattle Construction Team. She recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the company and is Resolute’s top performing recruiter.

Shelby is a fan of fishing, hunting, outdoor sports, and likes cheese pizza

How did you get your start at Resolute?

I was just starting to contemplate a career move when the president of Resolute, John Larson and I connected at just the right time. I was hesitant about the move at first, but quickly realized I wished I would have made the switch over to his company much sooner.

How long have you been in the recruiting business?

Three years in staffing specifically and two more years recruiting my own employees for a marketing firm based out of Florida.

What are some of your favorite ways to motivate yourself throughout the workday?

I like to set a goal for myself at the beginning of each day. For example, I am very metrics-driven, so I will choose to focus on numbers that are within my control. I keep track of my progress throughout the day until I have hit my goal. I am always pushing myself to make one more phone call, one more connection, get one more candidate, etc. Any time not spent not focused could be one less connection made, ultimately leading to less candidates being placed.

How do you deal with working in an industry where rejection is a regular occurrence?

I have learned to not take any rejection personally… it’s just business. For example, if a candidate declines an offer I try not to let my emotions come into play. However a situation plays out is the way that it was meant to be. In the end, we are here to help individuals find the job that is best for their family and help our clients find candidates who are best for their company.

Your favorite thing about Resolute?

My favorite thing about Resolute is the work environment. This company truly values its culture.  This means all employees feel appreciated, family/work life balance is respected and encouraged, and everyone has a voice.  Other neat features of the office are the ping pong table, pinball machine, workout area, foosball table, etc.

Shelby is Resolute's manager and top performing recruiter for 2018

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the workplace?

Fishing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, volleyball, biking, watching UFC and the Minnesota Vikings.

Where do you hope to see Resolute at in five years?

I hope that Resolute has multiple divisions that are flourishing. John has a vision of where we will be at with yearly goals that I know we will be right on par with.

What was your childhood dream job?

I wanted to be a teacher.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give anyone looking to work in the staffing industry?

The staffing industry is extremely rewarding. There is no cookie cutter formula to being a successful recruiter.  Everyone in our office is very different from one another, but the two things that we all have in common is hard work and determination.

Favorite pizza topping?

Cheese and cheese only!

To work with Shelby, email us at, or call Shelby at 720 729 1010. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.